JILL MIRZA ‘Strange Puppets with Beads’ 18 x 24 in  /  45.7 x 61 cm    Acrylic on Canvas   2017
The inspiration for this painting came from images found in a book called ’Maske’  by Phyllis Galembo. Based on photographs of costumes made in Africa. I created small  dolls which reflected the rather disturbing but hugely original costumes created for  masking festivals. The dolls contrast with the inscrutability of Far Eastern dolls which are  also part of the Still Life. The gaiety of the patterns and frivolity of the other objects in the  picture contrast with the oddness of the dolls. It is meant to be an image indulging in the  richness of pattern and fabrics, but also to point to the idea that objects can be very  powerful.